Volunteer Fire Departments Rule

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of volunteer firefighters have more than 5 years of service. There are an estimated 29,727 fire departments in the U.S. Of these, 2,651 departments were all career, 1,893 were mostly career, 5,421 were mostly volunteer and 19,762 were all volunteer.


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San Diego’s back country volunteer fire companies were first organized after the huge 1970 Laguna Fire that burned 175,425 acres and 382 homes and killed eight people. The Julian Volunteer Fire Company and Lake Cuyamaca Fire Company were two of those formed. In 1983,


The safety of our residents & visitors in the backcountry is paramount. We’re proud to support our Julian Cuyamaca Fire Protection District & we thank them for always ensuring the safety of our community. We couldn’t be in better hands than those of our neighbors, friends & colleagues. Thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers that support Julian & San Diego’s backcountry. #backcountrystrong  #goodwins #JCFPD


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JCFPD Initiative Update.

You may have read or heard that the Initiative to repeal and replace the benefit fee for JCFPD failed due to insufficient signatures. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The Petitions had more signatures than necessary by people who live in the District and want JCFPD to remain independent.  The problem is that 58 of these people have moved and did not update their address with the Registrar of Voters, and these signatures were declared invalid. You might be one of them.

You can go online to www.sdvote.com to verify your information. If you need to change your address, you fill out a New Registration Form and check the box at the bottom “I was previously registered or pre-registered to vote.”  If you have a P.O. Box, check “My mailing address is different from my home address.”

The next JCFPD Board meeting is Tuesday, February 13th, 10:00 am, at the Julian Fire Station on Highway 79.  Chief Marinelli is asking the Board for a vote to dissolve JCFPD. You are encouraged to attend this meeting to express your continued support for an independent fire district.

We will repeat the process of publishing the proposed Initiative, gathering signatures on Petitions, and placing the Initiative on the November ballot. We will be precise and succeed in this effort.

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