As California burns, volunteer firefighters become harder to find.

Quote from San Francisco Chronicle article by Melody Gutierrez and Megan Cassidy 

“One-third of the 28,000 firefighters in California are volunteers, most of them in rural areas. Across the country, where 70 percent of firefighters are volunteers, departments say they are struggling to recruit new people for a dangerous job. The number of volunteer firefighters in the United States fell by 10 percent over the past three decades, even as the number of emergency calls tripled, according to the National Fire Protection Association, an industry trade group whose figures are often cited by the federal government.”

This trend does not seem to apply to the JCFPD. We just graduated 21 new firefighters from our Fire Academy March 3rd, and will be starting another academy next month. Since we put the word out we are looking for volunteers we have had nearly 80  applications in the last two months to come work for our community Fire Dept.. These new volunteers are an awesome group and very motivated to serve our the people in our community.

Vote NO on Measure A and keep JCFPD and all our Firefighters who want to work to serve our community without benefit of pay. This is the American way to serve and protect our  community.