It is our understanding that the county froze the JCFPD accounts and that the medics are not getting paid. A five day notice and now no paycheck. This has to be illegal. These people live down the hill and have families to take care of and bills to pay. They don’t deserve this treatment.Update Use of this video by media outlets has been granted.

From BackCountryStrong


Class act by these guys. Should would be nice if the SDCFA paid these hard working medics for their work since they froze the JCFPD accounts so we could not pay them. These crews have familys to take care of and bills to pay like all of us.

Call San Diego County Fire Authority, Dianne Jacob and tell them to pay our JCFPD medics and EMTs.

JCFPD is hiring part time and full time Firefighter Paramedics
and EMTs to serve in our community.