JCFPD Standard Operating Procedures approved 02-17-2010

Patient Assessment flow chart

Remember to chock the wheels.


Principles of Modern Fire Attack – SLICE-RS Overview

FIREFIGHTERS PROCEDURAL guide to Firefighters Bill of Rights

Great resource to look at before the fire season starts.

Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher

Fire Behavior Field Reference Guide (FBFRG)

Fireline Handbook

Incident Response Pocket Guide 2014

VHF Radio Groups  -This file is a PDF of the 2016 CalFire radio load for the Bendix King GPH  you can use this on your phone or tablet that has each radio group as a single page for easier lookup.

BENDIX KING CMD PORTABLE Quickguide formatted for you phone or tablet

Information for Julian FF on our Radios


Low Angle Rope Rescue Operational Manual LARRO

Below chapters are broken out from LARRO manual for easy reference and practice.

LARRO – 1 Knots

LARRO – 2 Anchors

LARRO – 3 Packaging and Litters

LARRO – 4 Rope Rescue setup

LARRO – 5 Desending-Asending

LARRO – 6 Load Release