JCFPD has filed a lawsuit in San Diego County Superior Court to have LAFCO’s dissolution proceedings declared illegal. LAFCO knew that JCFPD’s dissolution application had been submitted illegally after three former board members conspired with Supervisor Dianne Jacob to eliminate local control over fire-protection and emergency medical services. Last Friday a judge declared the three former board members’ actions “null and void” because they had conceived of their dissolution plan in secret. When JCFPD’s lawyer notified LAFCO this morning that the entire process was the product of illegal conduct by prior JCFPD officials, LAFCO ignored the lawyer and unanimously voted against the Julian and Cuyamaca communities.

One hour before that vote and against immediately afterward, LAFCO and the County took steps to remove JCFPD personnel from their fire stations and to seize JCFPD equipment and property. LAFCO and the County sent armed Sheriff Deputies to intimidate the unarmed JCFPD personnel who were peacefully trying to secure their facilities and equipment while the new lawsuit works its way through the courts. When asked, the Deputies admitted that they were taking orders from the County in removing JCFPD personnel from their own facilities.

There will be a new hearing on April 17, 2019, at 8:30 a.m. in Department C-64 of the San Diego County Superior Court (downtown) at which JCFPD will ask a judge to allow JCFPD to continue its operations without LAFCO or County interference.
Parties are to maintain the status quo until them